Soheila Mikkonen
Soheila Mikkonen
Creating Impact through Meaningful Media Content
Soheila Mikkonen

Hi and nice to meet you!

My name is Soheila Mikkonen and I’m a Creative Producer and Content Creator. As a passionate promoter of meaningful ideas, and a content creator with 15 years of experience in creating positive impact in the world, the right kind of buzz is guaranteed!

It all starts with a story – in order for an idea to fly, it needs an epic narrative behind. My vast experience includes working in multiple projects with ITV Studios, Warner Bros., Banijay Group, Endemol Shine, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Aller Media and the City of Oulu, among others. The latest format development I worked with involved Space Nation Navigator – the game app, in which players train core astronaut skills as well as astronaut attitude and problem solving. My love for questions has led me to hosting TV shows, working as a journalist and learning about life’s big conundrums.

Any ambitious organization seeking to influence its industry benefits from an international creative producer like me, whose content skills span across transmedia, TV, film and journalism. I’m excited about working towards a sustainable future through format development, multiplatform storytelling and the inspiring possibilities of virtual and augmented reality. Concepts around curiosity, well-being, innovations and social transformation – I’m in!

I love working with committed people who go beyond the obvious. I welcome the chance to offer my doer’s attitude in advancing global progress. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Work Experience and Education

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MA in Media Production

Master of Culture and Arts, Degree Programme in Media Production (Medianomi YAMK). Graduated in 2014 from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences – Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu.

BA in Journalism

Bachelor degree of higher education in the programme of Communication, option of Journalism. Graduated in 2006 from Oulu University of Applied Sciences – Oulun seudun ammattikorkeakoulu.

Creative Producer, Content Creator

May 2018 →


Screenwriter, Content Creator

October 2015 – June 2018

Content Creation for Space Nation Navigator – the game app designed in partnership with NASA & Axiom Space, in which players train core astronaut skills as well as astronaut attitude and problem solving, and ultimately a chance of advancing to a filmed astronaut bootcamp. Format development for Space Nation transmedia production and screenwriting for web series.

Casting Director

April – May 2015

Paradise Hotel Finland (Paratiisihotelli), season I. Produced by Zodiak Finland (now Banijay Finland), aired on Nelonen (20 episodes).

Casting of Extras / Finland

February – March 2006

German TV-movie Vom Ende der Eiszeit (2006), director Friedemann Fromm. Produced by Ziegler Film GmbH & Co.KG.

Production Manager

December 2015 – February 2015

Top Chef Duels, Finland – reality show, where Top Chefs compete in culinary challenges. Produced by Banijay Finland, aired on Sub (10 episodes).

Local Fixer, Production Assistant

December 2005

MadLab, TV-series introducing technological inventions from around the world (2005). Produced by Cineflix Productions. Aired on the National Geographic Channel.


July – September 2013

Pelasta perheemme Supermarjo! Reality series about home economics and dysfunctional families. Produced by Aito Media, aired on Liv (10 episodes).

Director, Scriptwriter

April – October 2011

Documentary series Kansallisaarre (National Treasure) season II, three episodes (Aalto vase, Salmiakki and Unikko pattern). Produced and aired by The Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yle TV2.

September – October 2010

Inserts for children’s sports show Poinzi. Produced and aired by The Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yle TV2.

May – October 2009 and May – August 2010

Lifestyle and handicraft show Ratula, season I and season II. Produced by Tarinatalo (now ITV Studios Finland), aired on Sub (10–12 episodes).

2004 – 2005
Documentary Married To Violin – Viuluavioliitto, 28 min, diploma work, (2004–2005). Produced by Oulu University of Applied Sciences, aired on Yle Teema.


June – September 2004

Commercial short film Oulu – A State of Mind for the 400th Anniversary of the city of Oulu (2004–2005). Produced by Klaffi Tuotannot.

Field Director, Journalist, Script Supervisor

May – December 2012

Journalist in docureality series Ypäjä. Produced by Susamuru Oy (now Stooritaivas), aired on Yle TV2 (20 episodes).

Field director, Journalist in three short stories for a televised charity concert, Kids Rock, 2012. Produced by Susamuru Oy (now Stooritaivas), aired on Nelonen.

September – October 2012
Journalist, Script Supervisor in kids’ detective / adventure show Sherlock. Produced by Susamuru Oy (now Stooritaivas), aired on MTV3 Juniori.

February – April 2012
Journalist, Script Supervisor in ski resort reality series Ylläs – huipulla tuulee. Produced by Matila Röhr Nordisk (now Warner Bros. Finland), aired on Sub (12 episodes).

January – March 2011

Field Director, Script Supervisor in reality series Lentokenttä (The Helsinki- Vantaa Airport). Produced by Matila Röhr Nordisk (now Warner Bros. Finland), aired on channels Jim and Nelonen (40 episodes).

January – February 2009, January – February 2010 and October – December 2010

Insert interviews for reality talent contest Kuorosota (Clash of the Choirs), where popular Finnish music personalities arrange a choir and compete against each other every week – seasons I, II and III. Produced by Metronome Film&Television (now Endemol Shine Finland), aired on Nelonen.

March 2009

Journalist, Script Supervisor in docureality series Kylä ilman naisia (based on The Week The Women Went by BBC), March 2009. Produced by Matila Röhr Nordisk (now Warner Bros. Finland), aired on Yle, TV1 (8 episodes).

Profile Interviews

May 2018

Four Weddings Finland (Neljät häät Suomi), season II. Four brides attend each other's weddings and rate them based on dress, venue, food and overall experience. Produced by ITV Studios Finland, aired on Liv and Nelonen (9 episodes).

Journalist, Researcher

November – December 2008 and February – May 2009

Senior show Saimi&Jalmari, season I and season II. Produced and aired by The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle TV1.


April – September 2008

Sinun, minun ja meidän lapset, a nordic series on blended families (one episode). Produced by YLE, DR, UR and NRK, aired on Yle Teema.

February – September 2008

Journalist at TV and movie magazine Katso (Aller Media).

November 2005 – May 2006

Freelance journalist at Ouluvoima, customer magazine for energy company.

March 2004 – May 2006

Freelance journalist at weekly local paper Forum24.

TV Host, Reporter (VJ)

January – December 2007

Music channel The Voice TV (SBS Finland Oy), in the following weekly shows: The Official Finnish Download Chart, Top 10 Viewers’ Chart, Top 10 My Chart, and Top 10 Party Chart.

July – December 2006

Youth show Superfarmi. Produced and aired by The Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yle TV2.

2nd Assistant Director

August – September 2005 and March – April 2006

Adventure movie (90 min) Mystery of the Wolf – Suden arvoitus (2005–2006), director Raimo O. Niemi. Produced by Kinoproduction.

Assistant Director, Location Manager

Summer 2006
Music video Rush for goth metal band Poisonblack (2006) / Century MediaRecords. Produced by Klaffi Tuotannot Oy.

Intern Reporter

June – August 2002

Oulu Radio / Yle Radio Suomi / The Finnish Broadcasting Company. Interviews, editing, live reporting.

September 2000 – April 2001

Radioasema Q (local radio station) in Oulu, Finland.

Activities in Organizations


  • The Union of Journalists in Finland

  • Union of Film and Media Employees Finland

  • Women in Film & Television Finland

  • Conciliatory Journalists in Finland – Sopiva ry

  • Copyright organisation Kopisto

  • The International Baha’i Community

Voluntary Work

February 2006 →

Public Information Officer for the Finnish Baha’i Community since February 2006. Press releases, interviews, contacts with the media, online visibility, and events.

March – May 2013

Publicist intern at the Office of Public Affairs of the Baha'is of India in New Delhi. Press releases, statements, articles, appeals, abstracts, campaign assistant.

April – May 2010

Voluntary work at the Native American Baha’i Institute (Nabi) in the Navajo Nation, Arizona, USA.

December 2000 – 2006

Executive journalist and lay out editor for the Finnish Baha’i News.

July 1999 – August 2000

Voluntary work at the Baha’i World Centre in Haifa, Israel (Department of Cleaning and Maintenance).